The Netherlands is a Dutch nation situated in Northwest Europe, and it likewise covers a few islands in the Caribbean Ocean. Its European central area is lined by the North Ocean on the west and north also. On the south, the boundary is imparted to Belgium, and Germany shares the eastern line.
The Netherlands, a country with assortment, old-style workmanship, a background marked by human turn of events and Dutch culture, this is the Netherlands is about. The country is stacked up with the images of place to get-away’s. The mouth-smacking cheddar markets at Alkmaar, Gouda, and Edamto means that sparkling cheddar trade of the country. Hinders which follow as far as possible back to the thirteenth century were found in Rotterdam and Amsterdam are the most settled saved plugs up. From those tulips in the field to the Amsterdam Tulip Verifiable focus Showing the trip of tulips, channels of Amsterdam to the windmills of Kinderdijk, creative water-the leaders, countless bicycles to the pages of Diary of Ann Obtuse appearance the awful days the country have seen.

ISO alpha-2NL
ISO alpha-3NLD
Country Code+31
CurrencyEuro (EUR)
LanguageDutch and English
GDP$1.01 trillion

To have an excursion to investigate the Netherlands, or plan to study and settle here. You want to advance cautiously the traditions, culture… and Postal code of the Netherlands to have the option to send and get mail, bundles or merchandise… so on.


Netherlands postal codes were allotted to the locations starting in the year 2005. The postal codes here are alphanumeric, meaning that they have both the alphabet and digits in them. Here is how these postal codes in the Netherlands work. The postal codes in the Netherlands have 4 digits in them with 2 uppercase letters. The amazing thing is that the letters “F, I, O, Q, U, and Y.” were not used because of some technical issues.

The first 2 digits of the postal code tell about the city and the region.
The next 2 digits indicate the range of the house numbers on the street. The letters are also used along with these 2 digits.
In this way, one can identify each address that can be unique.

The Dutch postal codes are all within the range 1000 AA and 9999 ZZ, however not all combinations are used. The postcodes in the Netherlands consist of four digits followed by two uppercase letters. The letters ‘F’, ‘I’, ‘O’, ‘Q’, ‘U’ and ‘Y’ were originally not used for technical reasons, but these letters has been allowed for new locations since 2005. The letter combinations SS, SD and SA are not used for historical reasons. e.g:

These zip-code combinations include information about the Dutch town and street name. Even though Dutch people write it down on their letters, one could argue that mentioning the zip-code would be sufficient to extract the street name and town, with exception of the house number.

The islands Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba had no zipcodes, but this may or may have changed over time. The zip codes were introduced in 1977, hence there were no zip codes before the 70s in the Netherlands.

Netherlands RegionPostal Code Range
Amsterdam1000 AA – 1099 ZZ
Amsterdam, Amstelveen1100 AA – 1199 ZZ
Hilversum1200 AA – 1299 ZZ
Almere1300 AA – 1399 ZZ
Bussum, Uithoorn, Purmerend1400 AA – 1499 ZZ
Zaandam1500 AA – 1599 ZZ
Enkhuizen, Hoorn1600 AA – 1699 ZZ
Heerhugowaard1700 AA – 1799 ZZ
Alkmaar1800 AA – 1899 ZZ
Castricum1900 AA – 1999 ZZ
Haarlem2000 AA – 2099 ZZ
Heemstede2100 AA – 2199 ZZ
Katwijk2200 AA – 2299 ZZ
Leiden2300 AA – 2399 ZZ
Alphen aan den Rijn2400 AA – 2499 ZZ
Den Haag2500 AA – 2599 ZZ
Delft2600 AA – 2699 ZZ
Zoetermeer2700 AA – 2799 ZZ
Gouda2800 AA – 2899 ZZ
Capelle aan den IJssel2900 AA – 2999 ZZ
Rotterdam3000 AA – 3099 Z
Schiedam, Vlaardingen3100 AA – 3199 ZZ
Spijkenisse3200 AA – 3299 ZZ
Dordrecht, Drechtsteden3300 AA – 3399 ZZ
 IJsselstein3400 AA – 3499 ZZ
Utrecht (city)3500 AA – 3599 ZZ
Maarssen3600 AA – 3699 ZZ
Zeist3700 AA – 3799 ZZ
Amersfoort3800 AA – 3899 ZZ
Netherlands RegionPostal Code Range
Veenendaal3900 AA – 3999 ZZ
Tiel4000 AA – 4099 ZZ
Culemborg4100 AA – 4199 ZZ
Gorinchem4200 AA – 4299 ZZ
Zierikzee4300 AA – 4399 ZZ
Yerseke4400 AA – 4499 ZZ
Oostburg4500 AA – 4599 ZZ
Bergen op Zoom4600 AA – 4699 ZZ
Roosendaal4700 AA – 4799 ZZ
Breda (Netherlands)4800 AA – 4899 ZZ
Oosterhout4900 AA – 4999 ZZ
Tilburg5000 AA – 5099 ZZ
Dongen5100 AA – 5199 ZZ
‘s-Hertogenbosch5200 AA – 5299 ZZ
Zaltbommel5300 AA – 5399 ZZ
Uden5400 AA – 5499 ZZ
Veldhoven5500 AA – 5599 ZZ
Eindhoven5600 AA – 5699 ZZ
Helmond5700 AA – 5799 ZZ
Venray5800 AA – 5899 ZZ
Venlo5900 AA – 5999 ZZ
Weert6000 AA – 6099 ZZ
Echt, Limburg6100 AA – 6199 ZZ
Maastricht6200 AA – 6299 ZZ
Valkenburg aan de Geul6300 AA – 6399 ZZ
Heerlen6400 AA – 6499 ZZ
Nijmegen6500 AA – 6599 ZZ
Wijchen6600 AA – 6699 ZZ
Wageningen, Ede, Netherlands6700 AA – 6799 ZZ
Netherlands RegionPostal Code Range
Arnhem6800 AA – 6899 ZZ
Zevenaar6900 AA – 6999 ZZ
Doetinchem7000 AA – 7099 ZZ
Winterswijk7100 AA – 7199 ZZ
Zutphen7200 AA – 7299 ZZ
Apeldoorn7300 AA – 7399 ZZ
Deventer7400 AA – 7499 ZZ
Enschede7500 AA – 7599 ZZ
Almelo7600 AA – 7699 ZZ
Dedemsvaart7700 AA – 7799 ZZ
Emmen, Netherlands7800 AA – 7899 ZZ
Hoogeveen7900 AA – 7999 ZZ
Zwolle8000 AA – 8099 ZZ
Raalte8100 AA – 8199 ZZ
Lelystad8200 AA – 8299 ZZ
Emmeloord8300 AA – 8399 ZZ
Netherlands RegionPostal Code Range
Gorredijk8400 AA – 8499 ZZ
Joure8500 AA – 8599 ZZ
Sneek8600 AA – 8699 ZZ
Bolsward8700 AA – 8799 ZZ
Franeker8800 AA – 8899 ZZ
Leeuwarden (Ljouwert)8900 AA – 8999 ZZ
Grouw (Grou)9000 AA – 9099 ZZ
Dokkum9100 AA – 9199 ZZ
Drachten9200 AA – 9299 ZZ
Roden9300 AA – 9399 ZZ
Assen9400 AA – 9499 ZZ
Stadskanaal9500 AA – 9599 ZZ
Hoogezand-Sappemeer9600 AA – 9699 ZZ
Groningen (city)9700 AA – 9799 ZZ
Zuidhorn9800 AA – 9899 ZZ
Appingedam9900 AA – 9999 ZZ

Learn more: https://globalzipcode.com/postal-code-in-netherlands/